20th Class Reunion 1981

We have not been able to identify everyone in these pictures. The unknowns are indicated with a question mark on either side of a number (i.e., ?5?). If you know who any of these people are, please email their identity to jon@gmhs1961.us using the question mark numbers as reference. Thanks for your help.

Saturday Evening Dinner Dance at the Country Squire 20th Anniversary Cake

Connie Bassett Porter - Judy Fischer White
 Sharon Taylor - Barbara Fletcher Stuckey
(from top clockwise) Connie Bassett Porter - ?1? - ?2? - ?3? 
 Judy Fischer White - Barbara Fletcher Stuckey - ?4? - ?5? 
Beth Turner Barbee
Jean Hampton Parrish - Connie Bassett Porter
Connie Bassett Porter Jean Hampton Parrish - Danny McNab - Connie Bassett Porter
Joan Warner Davis - Meg Swing Renna - ?6? Emily Akerman Bowling - Tim Lee - ?7?
Judy Fischer White - Nadine Gaseau Held David Farrell Judy Fischer's Mom - Nadine Gaseau Held
Nadine Gaseau Held - Bill Davis - Margaret Williams Davis Glen Simmons - Barbara Fletcher Stucky
Glen Simmons - Barbara Fletcher Stucky - George Toregas ?9? - Mike Havens
Connie Bassett Porter - Barbara Fletcher Stucky Connie Bassett Porter - Melanie Chew McQuary
Judy Weed Whitman - Barbara Fletcher's Mom Howard & Mary Busbee & Family
George Toregas - ?10? Margaret Williams Davis - Barbara Fletcher Stucky
Emily Akerman Bowling
Helen Momsen Johnson - Harry Wright