50th Class Reunion 2011



Saturday evening's dinner party from 6:00 PM until midnight featured a buffet including a delicious choice of Pan Roasted Salmon with a Carrot Ginger Emulsion and a Drizzle of Coconut Cream and Grilled Breast of Chicken with Capers and White Wine Sauce. Music from the 50s and early 60s played throughout the evening and an open bar was provided as a special gift by Emily Akerman Bowling's husband Dick. After dinner everyone was entertained by Judy Fischer White and Pam Clark with their audience participation game, "Play for Prizes," which featured special period prizes, many of which were prepared by Charlotte Momsen Klein. Then entertainer Jon Wayne (Klein) sang a selection of oldies and everyone partied the rest of the night away.

At the ballroom entrance everyone picked up the current copy of the Lasso.

Dick Bowling, who headed up venue planning and arrangements, gifted an open bar to the Class of '61 to make the event as special as possible. 

A selection of tempting h'orderves were provided to whet the appetite.

An open bar provided by Emily Akerman Bowling's husband, Dick Bowling, provided the evening's celebratory lubricant.

Fred Skubal, greatly amused.

Anyone who missed this fantastic gala event missed out on a lot of fun and great reminiscing.

-Fred Skubal

Dave DeSanto, Dee Lloyd DeSanto, Pam Clark, and Pam's husband, Don Moore.

Background from left: Dave Brickman, Deanna Skubal, Tom Johnson, Fred Skubal, John Dressendorfer, Howard Busbee, Claire Brown Bray, Wade Bailey, Judy Wilson Ambrose
Foreground table from left: Dick Bowling, the back of Eddie Creasy's head, Emily Akerman Bowling, Judy Fischer White, Nancy Marr Evinger, the top of Pat Toregas' heat, George Toregas' head (and part of his cellphone).

Near table from left: The back of Deb Hastie's head, Wyman Howard, Gretchen Shutte Leglar, Judy Wilson Ambrose, Claire Brown Bray, Howard Busbee, the side and back of Dave Hastie's head.

  The trademarked Aaron
   Suleske mischievous smile.
  Charlie Marginean came
  out of the woods to attend.
Seated foreground: Claire Brown Bray, Howard Busbee, Mary Busbee, the side of Wade Bailey's head.
Taking pictures: Tom Johnson, John Dressendorfer.

How to make Richard Simmons look downright "butch."

Grant Armstrong and Eddie Creasy.

A couple enforcers from Jersey wit da middle name uh, "The."

George Toregas and Buck Stratton enjoy the show.

Nancy Marr Evinger and Emily Akerman Bowling ditto the above.

Seated near table: Bob Brown, Janice Busic (Bob's significant other), Tom Ragland amazed by his cell phone and Bob Gebeaux.

Tom Johnson gathering evidence.

The 50th class reunion was for me a very special event and one that I will forever cherish. Just seeing all of my old friends in one place and being able to share memories and relive special moments ... after all these years ... was simply breathtaking! 

I also cannot even come close to adequately expressing my thanks to all members of the Reunion Committee for all the time and effort they put in to make this weekend such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I only wish that all of our classmates could have been there. Perhaps given that the weekend was such a smashing success will encourage others to join us at future reunions!

Finally, Pam and Judy are such terrific people - doing whatever it took to give all of us such a perfect "moment". We are so very lucky to have them in our class!

- Tom Johnson

Seated near table: Deb Hastie, Wyman Howard, Gretchen Shutte Leglar, Judy Wilson Ambrose, Claire Brown Bray, Howard Busbee, Mary Busbee, Wade Bailey and Dave Hastie.

Gretchen Shutte Leglar and Judy Wilson Ambrose.

Jon Klein, aka Jon Wayne, lightly cuts the fool.

This was the most fun I've had with my clothes on in 50 years!

-Jon Klein

Vikings come in a selection of sizes and dispositions.

Seated near table from left: George and Pat Toregas, Eddie Creasy, Dick and Emily Bowling, Judy Fischer White, Nancy Marr Evinger and the back of Tom Johnson's head.

Foreground table from left: Ken Loudoun, George Toregas, Pat Toregas, Eddie Creasy and the back of Dick Bowling's head.

Charlotte Momsen Klein, Nadine Gaseau Held and Bette Brown Chinners.

Dick Bowling, Bob Evinger, Emily Ackerman Bowling, Judy Fischer White, Nancy Marr Evinger and Grant Armstrong.

We may be smilin' now, but you sit on my hat again and we ain't gonna be so friendly.

Dick Bowling and Eddie Creasy.

For those who could not attend our “Golden” reunion, we sure did miss you and you surely did miss a great gathering!! It was fun recognizing faces and trying to put names to them from across the room. Hearing and sharing stories from the past, old and some never heard before, was so much fun! The venue was terrific, perfect space for the size of the group and the meal was very good. It was a very relaxed atmosphere – my thoughts brought me from the halls of GM 50 years ago into the present. I found that as diverse as our class was “back then” we have all come to the point where we have so much more in common now than ever before.

Thanks so very much to the Committee for your many hours of planning and the hard work of pulling everything together from finding a place to the smallest details (videos, the quiz, prizes, our last issue of the Lasso and many others). And what a great idea the Memory Book is.

Thanks to everyone who could attend – your being there made our Golden Anniversary something really special.

-Nancy Marr Evinger

Nancy Marr Evinger, Bob Evinger and Bette Brown Chinners.

Bob and Nancy enjoy a slow one.

The "Rockin' Tarts" premier a new hit single!

Eddie Creasy, Dick Bowling and Emily Akerman Bowling.

Charlie Marginean and Pam Clark do the funky chicken.

Deanna and Fred Skubal collect a prize.

George Toregas of the sly smile.

Gina and Jon Buntenbah, Charlotte Momsen Klein, the back of Bette Brown Chinners' head and part of Nadine Gaseau Held's face.

Nancy Marr Evinger and Bob Evinger and Mary and Howard Busbee proving that they're not too old to cut the mustard.

These folks have some ocean-front property in West Virginia they'd like to talk to you about.

Bob Evinger and Ken Loudoun are having way too much fun.

Bob Evinger (still having too much fun) and Nancy Marr Evinger.

I want to thank all who worked so hard to make the BIG-50 such a grand success. it was really great to see classmates that I haven't seen since graduation. My thanks to all who were part of a great team effort. Hope to see you in the near future!

-Wade Bailey

Howard and Mary Busbee, Wade Bailey and Dave "Riggs" Hastie. Wade was feelin' the love.

Howard Busbee, Wade Bailey, Dave and Deb Hastie, Wyman Howard and the back of Claire Brown Bray's head.

Janice Busic and Bob Brown and somebody's left arm.


Jon Buntenbah, Charlotte Momsen Klein and Jon Klein.

Judy Fischer White, Deb Hastie and Charlie Marginean.

Judy Fischer White, Wyman Howard and Nadine Gaseau Held.

Fred Skubal (out of focus), Mandy Bulwinkle Armstrong and Grant armstrong.


All dressed up and nowhere to go (that's why God invented alcohol).

As Pam Clark and Charlie Marginean approach the dance floor, Jon Klein and Pat Toregas shake their money-makers.

Mary Busbee, Bette Brown Chinners, Eddie Creasy and Howard Busbee work the dance floor.

Mary and Howard Busbee, Nadine Gaseau Held and Mandy Bulwinkle Armstrong strike their, "What's that over there?" pose.

Near table from left: part of Nancy Marr Evinger, Ken Loudoun, George and Pat Toregas Eddie Creasey, Emily Akerman Bowling's right hand and the back of Judy Fischer White's head.

I wanted to be a fireman, but all those hats were taken.


Mike Havens sneaks up on Joan Warner Davis.

Mrs. Gebeaux's little boy Bobby in a pensive moment.

From near center: the back of Gretchen Shutte Leglar's head, Judy Wilson Ambrose, Claire Brown Bray, Howard and Mary Busbee, Wade Bailey, Dave "Riggs" Hastie and Wyman Howard's left arm.

Nancy Marr Evinger's back, Charlie Marginean, Wyman Howard, Mandy Bulwinkle Armstrong and Grant Armstrong pause for a scintillating poetry reading.


Poor Nadine needs to cheer up.


Pat seems to like this guy.


These guys have a fabulous look for radio!


Pam Clark hangs on Dick Bowling's every word as Don Moore looks on.

Dee Lloyd DeSanto, Sandy Betts Thomas, HER, Nancy Marr Evinger


Gina and Jon Buntenbah, Charlotte Momsen Klein, the back of Bette Brown Chinners' head and Nadine Gaseau Held by a nose.

Jon Klein and his shirt approved by AAA for nighttime emergency roadside service.

Pam Clark and husband, Don Moore, watch Linda Lawhorn Simpson doing a chair dance.

Patricia Toregas, Kathleen Suleske, Charlotte Momsen Klein and Gina Buntenbah (George Toregas looking whimsical in background).

Eddie does his best Jack Benny impression.

Sandy Betts Thomas, Dee Lloyd DeSanto and Pam Clark review their fan mail.

Nancy Marr Evinger and husband, Bob, trip the light fantastic as the world looks on adminringly.


Steve and Jackie Hough chat with Dave Hastie.


Pat Toregas, Eddie Creasy and Dick Bowling.


Bette Brown Chinners explains it all to Tom Simpson.

The back of Dee Lloyd DeSanto's head, Pam Clark, Don Moore, Linda Lawhorn Simpson, Tom Simpson, Buck and Kay Straton, the top of Claire Brown Bray's head and Dave DeSanto.

Steve and Jackie Hough, Bob Brown, Janice Busic and Tom Ragland.

George Toregas, Dick Bowling, Emily Akerman Bowling, the ever expressive Judy Fischer White and body parts from three other people.

Bob Gebeaux and Fred Skubal take on a drop of liquid restorative.

Charlotte Momsen Klein and Jon Klein.

The cowgirl and the 2011 Swiss yodeling champion hook up.

Claire Brown Bray and Judy Wilson Ambrose (Judy's just having the time of her life!)


Dave Brickman and Dee Lloyd DeSanto.

Dave "Riggs" Hastie and Linda Lawhorn Simpson.

Deanna and Fred Skubal, Linda Lawhorn Simpson, Wade Bailey, Tom Simpson and Emily Akerman Bowling.

Emily Akerman Bowling, Ken Loudoun and Dick Bowling.

Jon Buntenbah offers to hug the photographer while Howard Busbee turns his back on the whole sordid affair. 

George Toregas on the verge of bursting into laughter as Tom Simpson wonders what's do damn funny.

A group of people whose identities you can figure out by looking at the other pictures (there's a test later, so take your time).

Another name-the-classmate contest. This is for the sterling silver tea set.

Hah! And you thought the other broad was a cowgirl.

Janice Busic, Bob Brown and Tom Simpson.

Is it nude photography when the photographer takes his clothes off?!!

Janice Busic and her main squeeze, Bob Brown.

Judy Fischer White and Buck Straton.


Mandy Bulwinkle Armstrong, Grant Armstrong and Wyman Howard scarfin' the derves.

Woman of a thousand expressions, Judy Fischer White and Howard and Mary Busbee holding the dance floor down.

Mandy Bulwinkle Armstrong with Judy Fischer White and husband, John Dressendorfer, coming up fast on the right.

Nadine Gaseau Held and Bette Brown Chinners smile for the picture dude.

Nadine Gaseau Held, Nancy Marr Evinger, Wade Bailey and Linda Lawhorn Simpson.

This do was so fancy you didn't even have to go get your own h'orderves. Ruth Manna and hustand, Tom Johnson enjoy the service with Dave DeSanto.

The generous lubrication of the open bar brought about a number of unintended consequences.

Steve and Jackie Hough.

You want me to do what with that bottle?!!

Where the hell am I . . .?!!


This ain't all folks - there are hundreds of pictures yet to come - stay tuned!